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The boys usually wake me up at about 3:00am because they have to go out to do their business. They slept through the night, and woke up at about 7:00am. They were full of energy but the day wasn’t so great. We had some inside playtime.

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Monday, April 19, 2010
weekend with the puppies

Aside from their poo issues, the puppies are doing well. I wasn’t able to take many pictures or video’s today, I had to work. Stephen was home with them all day, I couldn’t wait for him to see how much work these two are. They both had better poops today, I have one more dose of the Panacur left for them. I thought the Panacur would have kicked in before the last dose is given. If it doesn’t clear up by Wednesday, I’m going to have to take in another sample.

The puppies had their first visitor on Saturday afternoon, a friend of mine dropped by. The puppies were pretty mellow, they weren’t scared of him at all. Taro fell asleep under his feet.

We were giving the puppies the entire kitchen to play in so Jordan could be involved as well, but we soon realized it was too big of a space. They immediately used the far corner to pee. We had read that if the space is too big, they would eliminate furthest away from where they are playing. Even watching for signs, it didn’t work. As they were playing they would run over and pee quicker than you would imagine. Now, after trying a few different sized play areas, we have found that a 3 X 5 space is perfect for playing in. They let us know when they have to pee by running up to the gate and crying and pawing at it. They literally jump up against it. This is the exactly the behaviour we want to encourage. It’s too bad that Jordan can’t be there too, but sometimes she tries to see over the baby-gate. As they become older and their bladder control gets better, we will begin to extend the play area until eventually we don’t have to worry about accidents in the house anymore! So far today has been the best day - 2 pees inside only. I can’t remember the last time they pooped in the house, it’s been a long time.

On Sunday, the pups had their second visitors. Stephen’s sister and his nephews came over for a visit. The kids were great with the puppies, and it’s good for the puppies to interact with young children. The puppies chased them around, and the kids were petting them, tossing their toys around for them to play with, it was cute. It was a fantastic weekend. I’ll put up some pictures from over the weekend. Enjoy!!

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