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I have never been a big believer when it comes to celebrating Valentine's Day, however, for the dogs ( and cats ) I like to spoil them a little extra BECAUSE I CAN! Not only am I able to spoil my own dogs this year - I was able to spoil other dogs as well with special "Daisy's Heart" PupCakes (visit BrainyCakes website for full story).

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012
Valentine's Day Goes to the Dogs!

Kratos and Taro are spoiled daily, they just don't know it. Fortunate for them, I run my Barkery out of the house and can take breaks whenever I feel like I need one. This isn't to say that I slack off all day - but I do find short breaks necessary in order to be productive.

Yesterday I picked up a bag of toys for my littermates that I had ordered a few weeks back. A bag full of Kong Squeezz Toys ( I think I had mentioned them in a previous blog ). I absolutely adore these toys - the boys tug and shake these squeaky toys, they chew and stomp on them to get it to squeak - and much to my surprise not a single rip or tear in any one of them. Pure genius on Kong's part. I am sure they will be playing with a few today. I don't usually take these durable toys to the dog park, because I am aware that some owners don't have control over their dogs possessions - and it often irritates me that my dogs toys get snatched. Having said that, of course, it is a dog park and that is to be expected. Their most favorite ( and usually costly ) toys stay at home and we are all okay with that.

My boys will also get a frosted pupcake each today! I recently started making "Daisy's Heart" PupCakes ( $1 of each package sold is donated to HugABull Resuce and Advocacy Society ). These were created as a special edible treat for a lovely pitbull who had recently passed away. Daisy was her name, her full story is on BrainyCakes website.

For an individual who doesn't believe in "celebrating" Valentines Day and following all the hype, why is this day special for me this year one might ask? Quite simple actually - not only am I able to spoil my own four legged furballs, I am able to spoil many others as well. I enjoy making these PupCakes, as well as all the other treats I have created for all my new four legged friends. Trust me when I say that all the dogs that I have met so far are pretty spectacular, not to mention, their people, they are pretty great as well. Spoiling the dogs with all my healthy recipes is an added bonus and a reason to continue doing what I do!

Until next time! OH.. And Happy Valentine's Day =p

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