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It was so windy today, it was insane. Took Jordan to the vet today, she got her rabies shot. Unfortunately the power went out so I couldn't get a weight on her. She has to get her teeth done soon anyways, so I’ll weigh her then.

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Thursday, April 8, 2010
Two More Sleeps

Had a pretty early start this morning. I had to have Jordan at the office by 10:30am, so in order for to me have her walked and ready I had to leave the house by 9am.

I was up at about 7am, that’s when Stephen heads out for work, and I continued Dr. Ian Dunbar’s book. So within a month our puppies are going to have to meet at least 100 different people, children being especially important. This is going to be exciting. People will have to visit us for the most part, I don’t want the puppies out of the house too much until they are sufficiently immunized.

I’m still fooling around with the movie editor, I have one last clip of our last visit. Two more sleeps until we pick up our new puppies, I can hardly wait. Tomorrow is going to be a pretty busy day, I’ve got a few things to do in the morning, including taking Jordan out ( although she seems a little sore after her rabies vaccine, so we’ll play it by ear). I still have to buy a baby gate too!

Anyways, I added some new pics to the Family Album, and I’ll post the new video. Enjoy!

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