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I was quite impressed with the boys on their road trip to Port Coquitlam, then to Vancouver, and then back to Mission. They were wonderful. I put their kennel in the back seat with some chew toys and off we went. I had ordered a bunch of puppy toys from a local supplier that was delivered to the office today. YAY!!

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010
Travelling with the Boys

The drive was much more pleasant than I had anticipated. The boys behaved quite well for their first road adventure. They had a great visit with the girls from the office, and Dr. Leah took a peek at them both, they look good! Kratos is a pound bigger than his brother Taro. Their poops are not perfect, which concerned me a little, but we’re going to wait a week before testing it, it may very well be stress/change. I haven’t started transitioning the new food yet, I will wait until their poops are normal for a few days in a row before introducing anything else. Their next visit will be between May 5 - 10, for their second set of vaccines.

I had ordered a bunch of puppy chew toys from a local supplier, and lucky for us the order arrived just as I was packing up at the office to leave. Nylabone’s and Kong’s is what I had ordered for the boys, teething toys! I had opened up the Puppy Stix and the Yellow Nylabone, and tossed it into their kennel before bed, they seemed to have enjoyed it. I am going to switch out the toys each night so that they don’t get used to any particular one. The toys I switch out I’m going to place in a ziplock bag with some liver treats in hopes that the liver treats smell will rub off on the teething toys, and Taro and Kratos will want to chew on it more and leave my mouldings alone. Haha, they are actually doing well as far as teething, Kratos discovered the mouldings today though, so I had to act quick to distract him.

Their attention span is super short. They can’t concentrate on any one thing for more than about a minute! I give them a toy to play with, and they play with it for about thirty seconds, and then bounce to the next one, or they start play fighting. They are getting pretty rough with their play fighting as well. I think this is the beginning of determining which one will be the boss. Taro, even though he is the smaller of the two, has been dominating Kratos, but then some times its the other way around, so it’s hard to tell as of yet. For the smallest boy though, he takes Kratos down pretty well.

House-breaking still going well. The new system is working well so far. When we take them out to “go pee” they are much quicker. We reward them with lots of pets and with treats, as well as some play time in the house (under constant supervision) in their designated area. They seem to love this. Their bathroom schedule is not the same, which works out well for me, because its much easier for one-on-one time with each pup when the other is sleeping. If its a nice day outside, our time is spent outside running around and playing. They are really into exploring the back yard right now, each corner is so exciting for them. For the most part, I let them explore, I do not leave them unattended at all in the backyard, just in case they get into trouble. They rip grass out, and they get into the planters. I can usually toss a toy around and get their attention for about thirty seconds before they head off and do their own thing. Taro loves the dirt. We have a few videos, ( I still need to edit them before I upload them) Taro especially, sliding and rolling down the dirt hill in the backyard. I used to care about them getting dirty, but now I let it go, and just give them a good scrub before getting back into the house.

I managed to upload a video from a few days ago. Hope you enjoy it as much as we did being in the moment. I have tonnes of pictures as well that I need to start sorting through. Keep checking the Puppy Pics page for those.

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