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Now that we have built a solid understanding of commands inside and around the backyard, it is time for the boys to begin some training with distractions. We have been practicing at Heritage Park this past week, so far so good.

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Saturday, February 12, 2011
Training Litter Mates Together

Taro and Kratos should have had this training already. Due to Jordan's health issues and the amount of emotional involvement, it made more sense for me to wait until I was able to focus and train the boys with consistency and patience.

I know they are a little behind, but at least I was able to solidify their commands in and around the house before entering the world of distraction training!

The boys are able to perform a "stay" at home for up to five (5) minutes. We practice several times a day, the reward is either a handful of food (from their daily ration) or a favorite toy/chew bone. We practice "down/stay" simply because I think it's more comfortable and I seem to get more success with a "down/stay" than a "sit/stay". I often find the puppies lowering themselves into a down position by the time I return from another room. We will work on "sit/stay" more later. Right now my focus is on the "stay" in general.

I don't expect the boys to be able to "stay" for five (5) minutes in the middle of the dog park with their friends running around, so right now we are practicing about twenty - thirty (20 -30) seconds, with no leash attached. The reward here is playtime! I release them to continue playing - sometimes I toss them a couple of kibbles. If for some reason they move, I simply correct them, place them back in the "down/stay" position and retry. Once they have give me a solid "stay" they are then released to continue playing. So far this is working well, and the boys are getting better daily. I will increase the "stay" time weekly - eventually they will be able to stay for five (5) minutes, I have no doubt!

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