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Kratos and Taro destroy most toys in a matter of minutes. I came across a line of Kong toys that I had to try out - called Squeezz Toys. I received them just in time for Christmas!

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Saturday, January 7, 2012
Toy Review - Labrador LitterMate Durable Toys

To start I ordered a "stick", a "ball" and a "ring" , I couldn't be happier with the toys. They have been tugged on, chewed on, stepped on ( they squeak ) and thrown about and still in great condition. The added bonus is that the toys are easy to clean - making them both indoor and outdoor toys! I am so impressed with the toys that I will order the "football", "dumbbell" and "bone" next. Yay!

Stephen and I gave them their toys for Christmas, my mom came over and gave them a few toys as well. We headed over to Stephen's parents house for dinner and they received two more eco- friendly toys ( one each ). Spoiled for sure!

Click here to see toys! (Kong Squeezz Toys)

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