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Another rainy day, and more work outside. All the major tasks have been completed, and we are ALMOST ready for our puppies. The only thing left to buy is a baby gate. I am about half way done the second book that was recommended to me, lots of great information.

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Wednesday, April 7, 2010
Three More Sleeps

Spent quite a bit of time outside today. It started out quite clear, so we got an early start. The Frost Tree box is nearly complete, and it looks great.

I sectioned off an area that was bare and made it into a little flower garden. I don’t actually have any flowers in there right now, but soon I hope! Lots of great ideas for the backyard, can’t wait for the weather to get better.

Jordan spent most of her day outside with us. It was nearly impossible to work out there with her tossing her toy at me. She got pretty muddy, it started to rain, so when we were finally done outside, I came in and gave her a bath. Tomorrow she is going to the vet for her check-up tomorrow, I need to get her rabies vaccine updated and a general check up. The puppies are coming on Saturday and I want to be sure Jordan is in good health.

We bought a camcorder last weekend, and I haven’t actually used it yet, but Stephen recorded the puppies when we went to see them Monday night. I better figure out how to use it in the next few days. I created an account with youtube because I figured out how to crop video clips this afternoon! Please subscribe to my channel and I’ll keep it updated, the best thing is our camcorder takes still shots WHILE recording!! This camcorder is not leaving my side.

Enjoy this video, there are many more to come =)

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