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I think the boys are finally testing our limits. They don’t want to be separated anymore, and Taro has taken up excessive barking when crated, and this will become a major problem if we let him get away with it. Stephen and I have decided to put them on a schedule to get these issues under control.

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010
Testing Limits

Up until a few days ago, we haven’t had any REAL problems with the boys. They have been great, we had been kenneling them separately after play time, and they seemed fine with it. We also allowed them lots of time outside, then realized that maybe that wasn’t the best thing to do at this time. We originally had them in a bigger space - the kitchen area- and what they were doing was playing in one area, then running to a far corner to go pee. After reading several books and going online, we realized that this much space is obviously too much at this point. We then sectioned off another area, we soon found out that too was too big of a space, so we made it smaller, and now I think we finally got it. The area is about 3’ x 5’ and its filled with toys and stuffed Kongs for entertainment. They usually don’t get to go into this play area until they have eliminated, but of course, if you know puppies, sometimes they have to pee ten minutes after peeing the first time! They whimper and jump up on the gate, almost all of the time, when they need to relieve themselves. Dogs generally don’t eliminate where the eat or sleep or play, so the smaller space is helpful for housebreaking. They do have the odd piddle, but very rarely. Of course, they are supervised during their playtime, so if I notice that they start sniffing around, I immediately take them out to their box and give them a chance to eliminate in the appropriate area followed with lots of praise if they are successful.

They are definitely keeping me busy. I am still trying to figure them out, as I’m sure they are doing the same. For treats, I bake up a chicken breast a day, cut them up into little cubes and keep them in a ziplock bag in the fridge - it seems to keep their shape better when its cold. They are still having some abnormal poops, so I don’t want to used any store bought treats yet. Hopefully it will all clear up soon.

Taro has taken up barking and causing a huge fuss when kenneled. We want the puppies to be able to use the kennel for the rest of their furry lives. We want to be able to take them with us, if we decide to go on a road trip. Most hotels require dogs to be kenneled while staying with them, we just want to be able to take them wherever we can.
After talking to our trainer, I have decided to try his suggestions, and see if I can make these two absolutely LOVE their kennels. Wish me luck!

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