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The boys are constantly play fighting and wrestling with each other. Taro usually instigates it, and unfortunately gets the most “war wounds”. A few days ago I noticed the left side of his cheek was a little gooey. I was hoping it would clear up on its own, but the area needed a good clip and clean.

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Saturday, June 12, 2010
Taro's Hot Spot

I tried to shave the area myself, and I was successful to a degree. It is really hard trying to restrain and shave a fifteen week old puppy on my own. Having worked in a veterinary clinic, I knew I had to clip the area so I could take a closer look at the problem before rushing him to the vet. Two days later, after cleaning and using polysporin, I decided it wasn’t healing to my satisfaction and made an appointment to see our veterinarian. His cheek was clipped and cleaned, the vet also noticed a few more lesions on the other side of his face, not quite as bad as the left side, and she clipped and cleaned that area as well. He was prescribed a cream, Theraderm, no oral antibiotics at this time, and as long as he was leaving the area alone, he didn’t need a cone for his head. He was so brave at the clinic, he was a really good puppy for everybody that day. Its been about three days now, and its starting to look better. I am applying the cream three times a day, and he doesn’t mind it too much. It hasn’t spread, nor is it looking worse, so I think we can skip the oral antibiotics and expect it to heal nicely.

The vet also noticed the beginning of an ear infection. It was slightly red and irritated, he was prescribed some Surolan. The ear medication is applied twice a day, and he doesn’t mind it at all.

Since we brought these little guys home, I have been handling them daily. I make sure to play with all their paws and nails, look into their mouths, play with their ears daily and clean them weekly and just petting and checking their skin for lesions or any other abnormalities. By doing this it will get them used to the poking and prodding that is usually done at the veterinarian.

I do have pictures, but I won’t post them, it looked pretty disgusting. I do have normal pictures though. Enjoy!

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