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It was a fabulous weekend for swimming, they filled Hayward Lake back up, so we took all the dogs to the lake. We had hopes that Jordan would teach the puppies to swim and have no fear of the water. Kratos jumped in, Taro was a little hesitant, but he ended up swimming a little.

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Saturday, June 26, 2010
Swimming Puppies

We took the puppies to Hayward Lake with Jordan and they had a great time. Hayward Lake has an off leash area for dogs with their own piece of lake to enjoy. We didn’t force the puppies to swim, they went in and out of the water as they pleased. We were hoping that they would just follow Jordan in, since she LOVES the water so much she doesn’t even come out! Kratos showed no fear, no hesitation. Taro, on the other hand, was a little more reluctant to jump in and start swimming. They both had a fabulous time, Jordan swam the whole time, and both Stephen and I were able to enjoy the beautiful view and weather.

After the swim we headed back to the picnic area. My girlfriend and her two kids were there enjoying the sand and water as well, so we went back to meet up with them. We set up the little BBQ and started to cook up some hotdogs. I packed dinner for the puppies, and brought along a knapsack full of chew toys and of course their Kong Wobblers! While we were getting ready to eat, I filled up their wobblers with their kibbles and set them free. It kept them busy for awhile, enough to let us enjoy our meal.

We can’t wait to take them back! They certainly enjoy the water, even if its just running along the beach area for now.

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