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The last time we went to visit Stephen`s family we took Taro with us. This visit we decided to take Kratos, and leave Taro with my mom and dad at home. Worst part about it is that we forgot the camera.

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Monday, June 7, 2010
Solo Adventure - Kratos

Still can’t believe we forgot the camera. Stephen took a few pictures on his phone, but not nearly enough. The hour drive went smoothly, although Kratos has almost outgrown his travel kennel. We are going to have to look into some portable ones for trips like these.

When we got to my in-laws he was still very sleepy. The puppies didn’t sleep much between their morning walk and the time we left the house. It was such a miserable afternoon, it was pouring at times, and we had planned to take him to the same field that Taro had visited on his trip. For most of the visit he was rather quiet. He didn’t have any accidents in the house, we did keep him on the tiled area for the most part. I had purchased a few kong wobblers ( I can’t tell you how amazing these things are) and we took one with us to keep him occupied if he started becoming bored. No problem there, he basically slept the whole visit. The kids came over as well, i think they really wanted to play with him, but he was extremely tired. Everybody pet him, cuddled him and some slept on him too. He didn’t seem bothered by anything - we all had a great time. After dinner we were able to go for a stroll. Although the grass was wet, everybody went for a walk to the field. Kratos had much more energy, he plowed through the field. He had a little off leash time, and his recall was amazing. It is too bad we had forgotten the camera.

The drive home was just as pleasant as the drive in. Kratos was tired, he had eliminated so I knew we wouldn’t have to make a pitstop on the way back. When we got home, Taro was excited to see his brother. My parents both said that he looked sad and depressed when he had woken up from his nap. Apparently Taro must have been just as tired, because he slept for 3 hours or so as well. Kratos was so exhausted that he didn’t even get out of his travel kennel, and Taro jumped in and started nipping at him. It was the cutest thing! We have decided that next time we go for a visit we’ll take both puppies with us and see how they do.

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