Labrador puppies playing with other dogs in Hayward Lake. Black Labrador retriever puppies playing in Hayward Lake. Black labrador puppies, Taro and Kratos, get playful in Hayward Lake. Marlon and Taro the black labrador puppy about to play. Black labrador puppy in muddy waters at Hayward Lake. Kratos, our black labrador puppy. Black Labrador puppies, Taro and Kratos, wading around. There's Marlon again.  This little guy is fast, and extremely cute. Venturing out further. The race and chase is on! Marlon standing alone.  Not for long Marlon, here come your buddies! Marlon being harassed by black labrador litter mates. Black Labrador Puppy goofing around. A very tired black labrador puppy (Taro) ready to go home.
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