She finally settled down after we visited for awhile, and her puppies were able to nurse.  She let them nurse off her for a few minutes. This is “Kratos” .  He is the only other black male puppy in this litter.   He is quite a bit larger than his brother.   This little guy is pretty heavy. It was hard finding the first born puppy out of this litter,  but this is definitely him.  I have named him “Taro” its Japanese  for ‘first born, eldest son’ .   Perfect little guy. Maya is a great dog.  The whole time we were visiting all she wanted to do was be pet by us.  I tried to make her stay there so her puppies could feed from her.  It wasn’t easy. These are the only males in the litter, and he is the only yellow pup. Because Maya is a yellow lab,  and Jessie a black lab, she is only able to have black or yellow puppies. Maya wanting to play with us again. 
It was shortly after this picture was taken that we left.   We didn’t want to distract her from feeding her puppies, they sounded hungry.
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