This was taken at about 7:30am.  This is how Taro begins his day. Looking to see if I am actually  paying attention before attempting getting into that planter. Kratos is sitting nicely, and Taro is about to attack him.  They love to wrestle and chase each othe I was taking a video of me calling Taro to me.  This was his reward. After washing all the dirt off, he was drying off with a couple-o-stuffy toys. A little afternoon rumble in the backyard with a Christmas toy. Little more rough housing.  These two are ready for round two! Still rough housing. Who me? Back to his brother.  I was clearly not exciting enough. A little roll in the grass is awesome on a day like this. These two are adorable.  I REALLY love how they play with each other. Taro and Kratos. YAY! they found the toy.  I think they were about to play tug-o-war. Kratos performing a command. Taro at his favorite spot. Taro acting like he didn't do a darn thing. This is after all the dirt had been taken off.  He looks much cuter with the dirt on! I'm not sure how he knew that was a dog house, but he went in himself after some  fun in the sun.
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