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Kratos and Taro have very different personalities even though they are litter mates. Kratos is quite laid back - his brother, however, keeps me on my toes!

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Tuesday, December 6, 2011
Silly Black Labrador

We go on adventures daily - there is rarely a day missed. We usually alternate between Heritage Park, Mission BC and Bateman Park, Abbotsford BC. Both places have excellent walking trails - Heritage has a huge field to walk around as well.

After our adventure, I usually pick up some fresh produce/groceries from our local market, then head home. The boys are used to the routine - they always get organic carrots or celery sticks as a reward for not chewing up the car - plus I think they deserve it for hanging out with me while I shop!

When we get home, Kratos is the first to jump out to get cleaned up.. and Taro sits in the car! I literally have to pull him out somedays.. this particular day they went to both Heritage & Bateman Park - they were extremely tired.

(click on the image to see both pictures)

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