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We knew this day was coming, but what we hadn't expected was just how quickly her health would deteriorate. She was an older cat, 20 (twenty) years we believe, but no matter how old she was, it is still too soon for me.

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011
Rest In Peace Raffy Cat

I had taken Raffy Cat into the veterinarian on Tuesday, and I picked up some medication to ensure her last few days would be as comfortable as possible. Having her for many years, I knew that her time was coming soon. Her face changed, her meow's became more sad and low and she wasn't able to jump up to the places she would normally be found. Her appetite was non-existent and it almost looked like it was becoming difficult for her to get up and move around. Even after the Metacam, no improvement.

I made sure I placed her in the sunniest spots around the house on Thursday. When Stephen got home from work, we both took turns holding her throughout the night. She wasn't purring anymore, and her eyes looked old, sunken and glazed over. It was so hard to see her that way.

Anybody who knew Raffy knows how loud she could be when she wanted something. She loved going out in the backyard - laying in the sun, and she made it very clear when she wanted out! She would also yell when she was hungry or when she wanted some attention. She was most definitely a lap cat. She wasn't picky - any lap would do!

She went peacefully, she was covered in my tears, her head cupped in my hands and her head close to my face. She loved being cuddled and loved. Stephen and I had a few minutes with her after she had passed and all I could think of ( even now) is how peaceful she looked.

Run free Raffy Cat! She has 2 (two) dog brothers and a doggy sister up there, along with many many others that I am sure she will boss around. I will be forever thankful to Raffy for showing me just how unique cats can be, and if it wasn't for her I would have never gotten the others. She will never be forgotten - always in my heart. I love you and miss you Raffy Cat - the house is really quiet without your 4am howls.. =)

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