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Our litter mates are fabulous little puppies. The last couple weeks have been hectic and stressful and not to mention time consuming caring for Jordan. The puppies are often left to their own devices for longer periods of time now - especially while I am attending to Jordan.

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Friday, December 3, 2010
Raising Black Labrador Retriever Litter Mates

I cannot stress how important well behaved puppies are! I am so happy that I spent the time raising and training our litter mates properly. They have shown me just how much I can trust them to not destroy the place when I am busy or out of the house.

They are nine (9) months old now. During the summer it was easier to leave them outside for a few hours in the nice weather, but now that it's wet and miserable most days, I would rather them stay inside - mainly so they don't get all muddy and dirty.

I have left them free (usually they are kenneled) a few times now, for over two (2) hours, in the house and they have been excellent! No accidents, nothing destroyed and most importantly no missing cats!

I dare not try to leave them in the house full of energy, so I make sure they go out for an hour or so adventure before I leave them alone. I'm not saying they are perfect, but there are not many nine (9) month old puppies (especially litter mates) that can be trusted in a house by themselves.

I didn't actually plan to be gone for two (2) hours, but the appointment lasted a little longer than expected. The plan was to leave them for about half hour to forty-five (45) minutes, and gradually increase the period of time left alone. They are advanced now!

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