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Every puppy owner should know the importance of puppy nutrition and development. We want our puppies to develop into strong healthy dogs, and it begins with proper nutrition. We wanted to make home-cooked meals for our puppies, but we will have to wait until they are adults.

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Thursday, July 1, 2010
Puppy Nutrition & Development

To ensure our puppies develop into healthy dogs, we stuck with high quality dog kibble. I already knew why I wanted to stick with kibble, but I did some internet research on what other people thought about home cooked puppy food to see if any of it made sense.

In my opinion, unless there is some pre-packaged vitamin & mineral supplement specifically formulated for puppies readily available for retail, puppies NEED to be fed a high quality puppy kibble (or canned food). The vitamin/minerals are calculated for puppies needs depending on weight, breed and age.

Our puppies started on Eukanuba Large Breed Formula from the breeder. We had some stool issues with them at first, and it wasn’t until they had proper stools for a week, that I started to introduce Medi-Cal/Royal Canin Development Formula. I introduced it gradually, and after about ten days they were eating 100% Development. I would have kept them on the Eukanuba, except that I knew MediCal/Royal Canin has an Adolescence diet formulated for large breed puppies.

At four months of age I started to switch them over to the Adolescent formula, and we are currently going through the transition. So far so good.

I have also started giving them some Recovery SA for their joints as they are growing. Although there haven’t been any studies that I can find that can state whether or not starting them at a young age has any benefits when they are older, it definitely can’t hurt. My veterinarian didn’t think adding a supplement could harm them, providing it doesn’t affect their digestion in any way. I am starting them with half the recommended dose, and will continue to gradually increase the amount over the next few weeks.

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