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I know it`s been awhile since i have last updated. Stephen and I have been working on the site, fine tuning some details. The puppies are doing well, and I have lots of new pictures.. stay tuned!

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Monday, August 9, 2010
Puppies are Five Months Old

Taro and Kratos are doing very well, and have been continuing to improve since the last entry. They are growing fast, and really starting to become great companions. I am able to leash walk them together now, and they love going on adventures. They aren`t able to fit into their old traveling kennels, so I had to purchase some portable kennels online, that we can take with us if we are visiting family/friends. They travel well together in the car now, even though Kratos has ripped a little corner of my back seat!!

We have a little field down the road from us that we often take the puppies to. It has a track as well, so i can walk around the track while they play with each other, and I am able to practice "come" with them because i can get good distance away from them. They both went through a phase where they thought they didn`t have to listen, and I quickly stopped that by making them wear and drag their leashes around the house for a few days. By wearing the leash they realize that I am in control, and that they don`t have a choice BUT to listen. Since then they have been quite obedient, and if they do slip up, usually the threat of a leash steers them in the right direction.

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