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We want to be able to take our puppies as many places as we can, even when they are older. I had heard from a friend that there were portable "tent-like" kennels available for traveling puppies and dogs. I started to do some research online.

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Monday, August 16, 2010
Portable Kennel

After some online searches and running around to various pet stores, I was able to find a portable kennel that I really liked. Lightweight, compact and sturdy! The brand is Noz2Noz, and the portable kennel is just that.. Portable!

Now when we have BBQ`s at the lake, we can always take them with us and pop them up to contain the puppies.

Right now they both fit in one kennel quite comfortably. The top zips open/close, so it`s like a sun roof. The door has a double zipper, and one of the sides zips open/close as well. I set the kennels up around the house so the puppies and Jordan would get used to them, and they have. Once in awhile they will go in themselves and sleep or play. Many times we have fond Jordan in one as well, sleeping comfortably. They come in different sizes, I am not certain about the colours, the ones we have are Sage.

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