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We have had a few gorgeous days in a row now - which means our favorite trail is less soggy! Stephen and I packed up the dogs and headed out to the Hayward Lake Reservoir Trail in beautiful Mission, British Columbia!

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Tuesday, June 7, 2011
Outdoor Adventures with Black Labrador Litter Mates

We were super excited to take Kratos and Taro to the trail! It was a beautiful morning, we packed a few banana's and some water and head off to the trail.

The water levels are low right now, they do this before summer hits yearly, so the view of the water wasn't so great from in the trail, but it was still worth the walk. There is a floating walk-way that hikers can usually walk across to get to the other side of Hayward Lake, but they close it during low water levels - so we couldn't do the entire trail around the lake. The signs say they will reopen it in July. So this mini-hike was a perfect way to warm up for our entire trail hike in a few weeks.

Throughout the trail there are several places that the dogs can drink fresh water from, there are many little waterfalls. There are a few places that the dogs can get to the lake from as well - they know these places well. Kratos usually finds them first.

Not a lot of pictures taken, but a few - Enjoy!!

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