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The weather hasn't been all that great so far this summer - but today was a fabulous day, and we weren't going to waste it for anything! We went to Ruskin.

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Thursday, July 28, 2011
Our First Trip to Ruskin This Year

Kratos has always loved the water - since he was a puppy. Taro, however, doesn't mind the water - but he would rather sniff around and bug the other dogs - or his newest hobby - chasing the sparrows!

The water level is high which means there aren't a lot of beach goers, nor is there any boats being launched. Kinda sucks for others, but for the dog people ( Ruskin isn't an official off leash area )it is a delight!

Best part about today is that Taro actually fetched in the water! He willingly went in and retrieved his stick over a dozen times =) he has never done that before. We are thinking it's due to the water level being so high - there is normally a slight current that runs down the channel and Taro doesn't seem too fond of it - there wasn't a current today, the water was calm. No matter what the reason is, he is swimming! Not only is he swimming, he is also fetching in the water. Taro isn't much of a play fetch kind of dog, his brother is. I am hoping this continues so we can hopefully expand his fetching skills on land!

Stayed posted for more lake and swimming updates - I have high expectations that the weather is going to remain bright, warm and sunny!

Until next time..

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