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Since the puppies have been visiting many new places and often running around off leash, we decided it was time to get them some identification. We ordered a couple of "superhero" tags online. Taro wears a Batman tag, Kratos is sporting a Superman tag.

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Wednesday, August 11, 2010
New Tags, New Attitudes

We were really excited when we discovered we could order superhero pet identification tags online. When we got them in the mail we were happy but a little disappointed at the same time. The information engraved on the back wasn`t as clear or readable as we expected. The tags are super cool though and they are wearing them on their collars. We haven`t gotten another set of tags yet, but more than likely we will go to a local petstore and use the machine to custom make them.

They have gotten very comfortable around the house. They enjoy cuddling with us much more now too! They are very different personality wise as well. Taro seems to be the dominant one, he is also very active and very hyper, whereas Kratos is a little more laid back and lazy. It`s nice though, it would be very difficult if i had two Taro`s.

Both puppies are quite intelligent. They are able to pick up commands quickly and for the most part, perform them promptly when asked to do so. We are practicing more on the street now as we walk where there is more distraction. Kratos used to be quite hesitant to perform outside the house, but he has since gotten better, and continuing to improve daily.

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