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Jordan has been feeling much better and has gained a couple pounds in the last two (2) weeks eating her Merrick brand canned food and home-made turkey and rice. She has been on her steroid for almost two weeks, and we stopped her appetite stimulant two (2) days ago.

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010
New Diet for Large Bowel Disease

I am super excited about the new diet coming out made specifically for dogs with large bowel issues. It is called Gastro-Intestinal Fibre Response by Medi-Cal/Royal Canin Veterinary Diets. The fibre is supposed to help "promote intestinal motility and bowel health".

As you all know Jordan has been having serious issues with her IBD recently, and we are currently feeding her turkey and rice. She was eating some canned food by Merrick (merrickpetcare.com) and although she didn't have any blood in her stools she was quite gassy. Over the weekend we had decided to cut out her canned food for a few days to see if it made any difference. I can't imagine being that gassy would be comfortable for her. Since stopping the canned food she is less gassy and even her stools look better. She still doesn't have normal stools, but at least its better than it was.

The last three (3) days she has been eating turkey and rice (home-made) and she is still enjoying that. We took her off her Mirtazapine, the appetite stimulant (after consulting with our veterinarian) two days ago to see if she will continue eating as well as she has been. I think she might miss the canned food a little - so I have decided to make her some turkey broth to drizzle over her home-cooked meals. Spoiled, i know!

On the weekend we took her for a walk around the Silverdale Creek Wetlands (missionofstreams.blogspot.com) and she loved it. We wanted to take her to Ruskin - there is a little trail there that has openings to get to the water - but there were way too many fishermen ( I didn't want her to get tangled up or hooked). She is still underweight so I don't want her out too long, but she gets to play fetch daily at the park as well as a few play sessions with the puppies and I out back. When we get all her stuff sorted out she will be back on the trails!

I'll keep you posted on the new diet. I don't think she'll eat it by itself, but maybe if I drizzle her turkey broth on it??? I wouldn't count on it - she is EXTREMELY picky.

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