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It is the second week in January and we haven't had any significant amount of snow. What we did have was a tease (a dusting here and there) for both the dogs and ME!

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Saturday, January 14, 2012
Much Anticipated Snowfall

The city is supposed to get some snow this weekend. I don't know how little or how much, but I am still excited.

We haven't had a significant snowfall this winter - to tell you the truth it feels like Fall not Winter. Due to the lack of snow, Stephen and I were talking about driving to Hemlock Mountain ( about an hour drive ) to play with our dogs in the snow! Hopefully we'll get enough this weekend to make me happy and avoid the drive.

All three (3) of my previous dogs LOVED the snow. I'm not sure if they pick up on my excitement of seeing snow, but Kratos and Taro are the same way now! Kratos enjoys fetching snowballs, Taro runs around like a spazz case - its fabulous!

I'll try to take videos as well as pictures IF we get some snow! Until next time..

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