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It was such a pleasant surprise to see snow falling this morning. My plan was to walk them to Heritage Park at around 9:30am to meet their friends. A few weeks ago we met a puppy who is similar in age, named Daisy, that Taro and Kratos love to run around with. I get to chit chat with Daisy ( & Bella's) mom, so we're all pretty happy!

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Friday, January 21, 2011
More Snow

We had snow at our house, but when I drove them down to Heritage PArk the snow was mere rain. It's all worked out fine though because there were plenty puppies to play with. Taro and Kratos had a fabulous time today, especially, because for the first half hour(30 minutes) all the puppies running around were very similar in age - all between five (5) and twelve (12) months old. It was great seeing them all socializing with each other.

I was hoping it would be still snowing by the time we got home, but it had stopped by then and turned to rain. Depressing I know.

I was able to take a few pictures from the morning before losing feeling in my fingertips! Enjoy.

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