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AHH! Didn't realize I haven't written in awhile.. lots of exciting things happening. But right now we're heading out on our Sunday Morning adventure!

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Sunday, May 29, 2011

WOW! Hadn't realized it had been so long since the last entry.

A few exciting things - yesterday I was at the Shaughnessy Veterinary Hospital's 10th Annual Open House! I had a blast. Now this is where I used to work - before getting into the BrainyCakes Dog Barkery idea. Met some clients that I knew - very nice to bump into them again. I thought it was awesome when they were excited because some thought I was working there again!!

I had a chance to hand out samples - I had packaged some treats up as prizes. The clinic usually has loads of prizes donated by medical companies and other local businesses. They had doggy cake ( not made by me - hopefully next year I can have the cakes/pupcakes mastered) and a human cake. Network for Animals was there as well with crafts and yummy hot dogs!

It was great. I prepared all week for this event - it was a fantastic opportunity to explain my products and the ingredients used. I was even so lucky to have a family ( I knew them from when I was working there) donate a dehydrator to my new company! I was so happy and very grateful. They will get a little something back from me for sure!

Well it's time for a walk - I have to go through some pictures from the last few weeks and get them up!

Until then..

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