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Last weekend's weather was not the greatest. Rain or shine these puppies (and Jordan) have to go out. I didn't want to walk around the neighbourhood in the rain, I wanted to go somewhere close and exciting.

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Sunday, August 15, 2010
Mill Lake

Mill Lake is located in Abbotsford, behind Seven Oaks Mall. I knew before going there that there was no swimming in the lake, but it was a rainy day and what better than a walk around a lake. The lake wasn`t huge, I think it was a 2.3km walk. It sure was beautiful though. I had been to Mill Lake before, but hadn`t done the walk. The puppies were very well behaved, they didn`t seem to mind the rain at all.

We met a few dogs along the way, a few very nice people as well who gave the puppies a few pets. It wasn`t a super long walk for them, but it did the job - it got them tired. When the weather isn`t so great, a walk around Mill Lake is refreshing for all of us!

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