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The weather has been cooperating thus far, the days have been bright but very cold. Taro and Kratos have made a few more friends - Heritage Park has a few more puppies! We've been going out for longer walks coupled with off leash playtime with their friends at Heritage Park.

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011
Mental and Physical Exercise for Your Dog.

I have got Taro and Kratos on a pretty strict training regime. Don't think that what I am doing is terrible.. all our training is fun! We practice our commands around the house often.

While I am cooking, Taro and Kratos are learning how to stay "out" of the kitchen. While I go up and down the stairs to do the laundry, Taro and Kratos are told to "stay" at the top of the stairs. If I go grocery shopping Taro and Kratos are in the back of my car being patient - then rewarded with some play time at the local park for not chewing my car up!

All these little exercises are working their brain, and will help them become well-balanced dogs in the future. Exposing them to different situations, people and things is always hard to do, as humans we are quite routine.

Another reason why the boys are being worked hard is because their energy levels have sky rocketed! They require more exercise now or else they become bored and naughty. They are almost a year old, twenty minute walks around the block - three times a day (when they were younger) isn't cutting it anymore. These litter mates need adventure! We walk at least forty (40) minutes - once a day, most days twice, coupled with their doggy off leash time with their friends. So far this routine is working out well. They are physically tired, they are also mentally tired - our walks are filled with exercises!

Third reason for such a change in lifestyle is due to my personal needs - I am very interested in dog training/dog psychology. I have worked with small animals for the last ten years. I have seen many untrained, unbalanced dogs throughout those years and have also heard and seen many dogs having to be re-homed due to poor training and socialization skills. THIS IS NOT THE DOG'S FAULT. As a responsible dog owner, it is YOUR responsibility to teach your dog manners. If you do not have the time, or the patience, please do the right thing and seek out a reputable dog trainer.

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