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When Stephen and I go places if at all possible we like to take Taro and Kratos. I usually take them for car rides to the supermarket, to go get gas, etc. I want them to realize that the car isn't only to go places to play, it's a place to behave and practice patience.

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Friday, March 4, 2011
Lazy Sunday at GrandMa's

Our puppies are quite lucky that they get to tag along with us. Maybe I shouldn't use the word "lucky" what I should say is that they have EARNED it!

We don't have a barrier up, we don't have doggy seat belts ( I do recommend them for the safety of some dogs) and they are not in carriers anymore. Taro and Kratos either lay down, or sit nice and look out the window while we drive.
They don't wrestle, they don't get out of hand and they very rarely bark at anything - except maybe a passing dog.

As puppies they were in carriers when they were in the car with us. We took them on plenty car rides as they were growing up. I had read that if we exposed the puppies early on to long car rides they would become used to it - this totally worked!

Stephen and I live about an hour plus away from our parents houses, so when we do go to visit we don't want to leave the dogs at home by themselves for half the day. Instead, we take them with us! We have two portable tent like kennels that we take with us just in case we need to confine them at any time. they are used to these kennels, we had them propped up around the house when we first purchased them. They also have a blanket, which we call their "place" and that also travels with us as a sort of comfort area for them in new places.

Sunday we went to visit my mom in Vancouver, and the puppies went with us. We had a lazy wonderful day. We went for a short walk to the local park there, and we let them run off-leash for awhile, then walked back to the house. We had snacks and dinner, then we got prepared for the ride home.

They have a bag that I fill with chew toys and their daily ration of food along with some dental chews - keeps them busy and great for their teeth - and some other "treats" to help them feel like home when we are away.

They are doing really well so far! They adapt to new places, people and dogs quickly. They love being near us all the time and our bond gets stronger the more we have them close.

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