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The weather has not been great lately. Below minus temperatures with some serious wind here the last few weeks hasn't stopped us from going out. We were lucky to have a fairly decent Saturday, so we packed up Kratos and Taro and off we went!

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Thursday, March 3, 2011
Langley Off Leash Park Adventures

Stephen and I bundled ourselves up and went on a Saturday morning adventure. I have been reading some books about dog's and dog psychology to try to understand their kind better, and according to Cesar Milan - dog's are supposed to be "well-balanced".

Saturday morning, after looking at the weather, I decided that I was going to help our litter mates become "well balanced" by introducing them to a whole new area with entirely new smells.

We want our puppies to be comfortable in their own skin. We want them to be able to handle any environment we expose them too comfortably and safely. The best way to do this is expose them to new places, people, and other dogs - with their pack leader(s) entering as calm and confident setting the example.

Our dog's learn so much by watching us daily, and feeding off our energy. We, as pack leaders need to stay calm and confident when entering new places so that our dogs don't feel nervous in their new environment.

This park is massive and full of dogs! It was interesting to watch Taro immediately explore the perimeter of the park and establish the boundaries. Kratos focused mostly on Stephen and I and the other dogs. He usually sticks pretty close in new areas at first, then he will venture out a little more as time passes, whereas Taro likes to explore immediately.

We came across some great people and some cute dogs. Our black labrador litter mates enjoyed the huge area ( I think I read that is 18 acres!) and loved meeting new friends. They listened well when called, we practiced some basic commands around the park as we walked, they did well for a new place - very distracted though. By the time we were on our fourth (4th) and last round, the boys were listening better, and not as distracted as they initially were upon entering the park. The next time we go out there they should find it easier to focus on us from the get go. It will be interesting to observe and note the differences.

They are most definitely on their way to "well balanced-hood".

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