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I wanted to take the boys somewhere different for a change. We had not visited the Langley Off-leash dog park in awhile, that is where I decided to take them.

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Thursday, January 12, 2012
Langley B.C. Off Leash Adventures (LitterMates in a Mud Pit)

It takes about forty (40) minutes to get to the off- leash Langley dog park from our house. It hadn't rained in a few days so I was pretty sure the puddles would not be so deep.. Boy was I mistaken!

After driving all that way there was not a chance that I would turn around and go elsewhere, noway! Understanding that the boys don't care about mud and dirt made me suck it up and enter the mudpit!

Kratos fetched the entire time. He took his "rests" in the mud puddles, ensuring all parts of his body was submerged in the dark brown puddle :) Taro met and greeted the dogs he came across. He had a few play sessions with a couple new dogs, he met a few new nice people along the way. They did have our own friends there - their best canine friends "Jade" and "Molly" had accompanied us (with their people, of course).

By the end of our adventure the dogs were filthy! Kratos much more saturated in dirt than Taro. We were there for a couple hours - I have a rule that we need to stay longer than the drive! On the way back, I had decided to take the boys to Bateman Park to rinse off. I had realized how much of a good idea it was when I got home and threw the boys in the shower. Bathing the boys after was much easier. Now they are all clean and cuddly - until today's adventure. I won't be headed out to Langley today. I was thinking before their next bath I'll drive them out there for some fun in the dirt!

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