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WOW! What a beautiful morning. Woke up this morning to lightly falling snow and two very excited labrador litter mates. I had to bundle up before even opening the back door it was THAT cold!!

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Saturday, November 20, 2010
Labrador Puppies and Snow

So we are expecting a huge snowfall tonight, and I cannot wait until tomorrow morning! This morning it was cold! Lightly falling snow coupled with two very energetic labrador litter mates made for a perfect morning. They played outside for about an hour with each other while I got myself prepared for the outdoors.

We went to Heritage Park today to socialize with their friends. Even though it was cold and very windy, it was nice to see about a dozen dogs (and their people) running and playing.

Taro and Kratos had a great time, unfortunately, due to the weather being so cold, and my multiple layers of clothing and gloves I was unable to take pictures out there. I did manage to take a few shots this morning - let's hope for a huge snowfall tonight.

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