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We were finally able to take the dogs out beyond our neighbourhood to enjoy the snow! Roads are still a little slippery so we didn't take a long drive, we made our way down to Heritage Park.

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Tuesday, January 17, 2012
Kratos and Taro Visit Heritage Park, Mission BC

We decided to enter through one of the trails and make our way into the field! It was a BEAUTIFUL walk. Navigating through the broken trees and fallen branches, we made it into the field area. Looking at it upon entering I would have to say it looked like a white sequenced blanket. We ran into a familiar face, met a great lady and her two (2) dogs - not many people out at that time. The wind was incredibly cold! Seeing that the field looked "untouched" we had to make a mess out of it - besides I wanted to see how deep it was!

It was hard work trekking through all that snow with winter gear on - but we did it. Our faces felt frozen by this point, so we took the closest trail entrance and headed back to the car. We don't receive this much snow very often in our winter months - I want to enjoy every bit of it, so you can bet we'll be doing this again tomorrow!

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