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Our littermates picked up some sort of a virus which had them stuck at home for about a week. They weren't ill the entire week - but I kept them away from other dogs so that they wouldn't get other dogs sick. It was an interesting week at home, they did well, learned a new trick!

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Monday, August 8, 2011
Kennel Cough - Black Labrador LitterMates

Kratos and Taro were under the weather for a few days last week - they are back to normal now!

They had picked up a virus - the same one that some of their doggy friends had picked up as well. When I heard that their friends had started "coughing" I knew it was only a matter of time before they would start to exhibit symptoms.

The coughing was mild - so mild you could barely notice they weren't feeling great. The weather was nice as well - hot and bright - so I tried to keep them as quiet as possible. They only coughed a little when they got excited for their food.

I decided to treat their strain of kennel cough ( they are vaccinated ) using home remedies rather than rushing into the doctors office and contaminating the other dogs!

I started them on vitamin C three times a day, no kibble or dry treats, they ate home-cooked chicken and veggies in broth ( almost like stew ) and if their coughing seemed a little much I gave them some warm water with a touch of honey at night. Now, I can't say for certain if the extra vitamins and warm broth helped them, or if the cough just wasn't harsh enough to begin with, but I feel like it helped them, and they seemed quite happy about their new meal plan. I added fresh blueberries and apples as snacks, some grated carrots and also some baked sweet potato in addition to their stew - We did this for about 4 days.

They are feeling better - back to the park and normal activity!
They were recovered in no time. This video was taken on their "sickest" day.. hard to tell they weren't feeling well I'd say!

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