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Last entry Jordan wasn't eating well, and she was starting to lose the weight that she had started to gain. Don't really know what brought all this on, but I need to fix it quickly. She had me on the hunt for turkey - the chicken wasn't good enough anymore.

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010
Jordan's Update

I didn't think it was going to be so difficult to find a non-butter basted turkey in November. I was actually trying to get a fresh (not frozen) turkey, but I knew that was asking too much. We went through this with Jordan the last time she stopped eating.

I was able to get a turkey - unfortunately it was basted. I rinsed it as much as I could hoping to get all the butter off (if that was even possible). In the oven it went for baking. It was done in about five (5) hours, and it was smelling good. I think it worked! It got her wanting to eat. This might be temporary, but she ate a cup of kibble drizzled with turkey at lunch. It was nice to see that something got her appetite going.

At dinner she had another full cup with some turkey as well, and then another cup late night. This is fantastic for today! I am a little worried about her stools, I won't find out until tomorrow.

Jordan will continue getting her medication, along with the Fibre Response kibble and roasted turkey for the next few days. As long as she continues to eat her special kibble her stomach and bowels should settle, making her a more comfortable dog. It is really hard to see her so skinny and fragile, but I am doing all I can to help her through this.

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