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It is so emotional to think back to how things used to be with Jordan. Even though there are days when she can be a complete b***h.. I know that if I'm having a crappy day, Jordan would be right by my side trying to cheer me up. She is a fantastic dog. She knows the true meaning of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

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Tuesday, November 30, 2010
Jordan's Story Part II

When I moved out to Mission, and brought all the dogs with me, Jordan had the least problem adapting. She just went about her business as long as I was around, she had no fear! But like I had mentioned, she came with some issues.

We had signed up with a fabulous trainer, and we got her some private training sessions which helped a little with her behaviour. Her barking is still a problem at times, but its easier to deal with now because we know how to. When I moved out I was away from the house a lot, and her barking became worse. This is why we had to get some training for her.. well the training was for us really.

Jordan has always been an odd dog. She has always been quite picky about her food and treats, she has always been extra sensitive, but she is a very loving dog - and that is all that matters. She always knows when I'm sad or depressed, she will come lay her head on me when I'm upset, and she licks my tears when I was cry.. she was meant to be with me =) and I was meant to save her.

She is twelve (12) now, and we did expect some health issues to arise, but never in my wildest imaginations did I ever expect to have to deal with this. Jordan has been through a lot. She lost her first brother in March 2009, he was eleven (11), then in February 2010 she lost her other brother Blue Dog - due to an aggressive cancer. She was really quite devastated when Blue passed away. She walked around the house with his favorite toy, crying and whining. She really misses him I think.

Blue and Jordan had a weird relationship - they hated one another, but loved each others company after IceMan passed. They started getting along nicely, they would sleep next to each other, eat together and sometimes even play together. We thought getting her puppies would be a great way for her to be the boss - because SHE LOVES being a bully. She wasn't too impressed with "the twins" Taro and Kratos, but she never tried to hurt them.. just scaring them was fun for her.

For the last six (6) or so years she has had an excellent life. A doggy's dream really. She went swimming daily, sometimes twice, she went for four (4) hour hiking trips around Hayward Lake and Ruskin (her favorite spots). She owns a futon, a kennel and a couch - oh! and when she is outside she owns a dogloo! She really took her second chance at life seriously and made every day count. I am so happy that I could be the one to do this for her - she truly deserves this life.

Now as we sit in limbo about her health, it saddens me that she may not ever be able to swim again, or hike again or ever be herself again. What really hurts the most is that I can't help her. I don't know what to do, because we don't know what is wrong. This scope she is getting today is the last diagnostic tool/procedure that I will put her through. I know exploratory surgery is an option, if we don't get definitive results from her biopsies, but I will not put her through such an invasive surgery, it isn't fair for her. All I want is for her to come home and start eating before she leaves me. I want her to be happy and as healthy as she can get. I want to take her swimming in the Spring. Another one of her favorite past times is chasing snowballs, and if my wish comes true, you will see an array of pictures this winter with her playing in the snow.
Love you Jordan <3

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