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It has been a struggle with Jordan since we found out what was wrong with her. Her biopsy results diagnosed her problem - Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)- and since we have started to implement the changes to make her more comfortable, it appears it is harder to control than I had thought.

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010
Jordan's Relapse

It has definitely been a rough journey trying to get a handle on Jordan's tummy issues for the last few months. Just when we thought she was improving, BAM! she has a relapse.

The new food by MediCal seems to be the best food for her so far. She was eating well, up until a few days ago, and now we are back at square one with her. She isn't interested in her food anymore, even with the boiled chicken breast that I add daily. As a matter of fact she is refusing the chicken on it's own as well. She has been much more flatulent as well since stopping the dry food. Her stools are starting to get worse - they were perfect while she was on her new kibble.

She is currently taking BOTH medications (appetite stimulant and steroid), but she is still having some problems. Hopefully this is just a temporary set-back and she will begin to eat soon.

Yesterday I went out to find some turkey - I was only able to get some ground stuff. I cooked it up and mixed it in with her kibble and she ate a little. Not nearly as much as she should be though.

Today I found a small whole frozen turkey and I am roasting it. The last time she started losing her appetite we let the turkey cook all day and Stephen swears the smell of it cooking helped with her appetite. I can only hope this will happen again.

I have made an appointment for her at the end of the week to have her looked at, and re-weigh her. I also noticed a few days ago that one or more of her teeth were bleeding.. I don't know if this would have anything to do with her not wanting to eat, she will eat her Medi-Treats which are hard, so I am not making it a priority for her to be seen. I will most definitely take her in sooner if she doesn't start eating a little in the next day.

If I can get her back onto her kibble, her stomach will settle, and she will feel better I'm sure. Let's hope this turkey does the trick!

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