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The puppies had a fabulous day today. In the morning they went for a romp around Heritage Park. They played with a few new dogs, and ran around with each other. In the afternoon we went on a drive out to Chilliwack, Island 22 Regional Park.

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Friday, July 2, 2010
Island 22 Regional Park Visit

It wasn’t warm or sunny enough for me to want to go to the lake with all three of the dogs, so I started looking up some new places to visit. I came across Island 22 Regional Park, in Chilliwack, which has an off leash dog park as well.

According to the map it appeared to be about an hour away from home. No problem, we packed everyone up, along with some snacks and water for both us and the dogs, and went on our mission.

When we got there, we had to pay to get in. There were two options, season pass ( $25.00) or day pass ($5.00), we picked the day pass just to check it out. If we decide to get a season pass our visit would count toward it. It was nice and empty, not a lot of people around. There is access to the Fraser River, but swimming is not advised due to swift currents. Dogs are advised to stay on leash along the trail parallel to the water. The water was moving rapidly, and if it were up to Jordan she would have jumped in, but we kept her away. The off leash area was massive. It reminded me of the North American Wilds Safari Bus Tour at the Greater Vancouver Zoo. All the dogs had a great time running around in there. There were lots of sticks for Jordan to fetch and there was tall grass for the puppies to play in. The only complaint I have is the prickly raspberry bushes in the park. We tried to keep the dogs as far away from them as possible. I think we will visit this place again.

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