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Jordan has been eating well for almost a week now. I went into the pet store and literally bought every higher quality canned dog food to try with her. I think we may have finally found one - and it's Turkey!

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Friday, October 15, 2010
Inflammatory Bowel Disease

She still has diarrhea, but her appetite is coming back. Her medication must be working, and I am ecstatic. She has been eating well for the last few days and she is starting to look a little healthier. I haven't actually put her up on a scale yet, but I'm sure she is gaining some weight back.

Stephen had suggested we try her with some turkey since it was close to Thanksgiving. She loved it. I then decided I was going to try her with rice again. I simmered the turkey and rice together and she liked that as well. Perfect! Now she is eating home-made turkey and rice, and I managed to find a turkey canned food by Merrick (merrickpetcare.com) that she likes as well, hoping to get some vitamins and minerals in her.

I am quite pleased that she is eating rice, its high in calories and a good source of carbohydrates for her. She won't eat it on it's own though - it has to be simmered with turkey! Spoiled little brat.

There is a vitamin supplement (powder form) I believe manufactured by Centaur that I can supplement her home-cooked food with, but for now I don't want to add anything to the food she is currently eating and have her go back on a hunger strike. I have to give our veterinarian an update as well and see what we have to do for her next.

I'm sure the medication is making her gut feel better resulting in her increased appetite. She still has diarrhea, and that will be the next symptom to tackle as soon as her weight is back. I have read in many articles that IBD isn't curable, but symptoms can be managed and chances of her IBD recurring throughout her life is very high. Many articles have also mentioned that because they are unsure of why it happens, it is a matter of trial and error with foods and medications, and an abundance of patience is required. We have all the time and patience needed to help Jordan through her medical issue - and we will continue to monitor her and give her any necessary treatments and/or supplements. Wish us luck!

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