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There is still no change in Jordan. It has been a week on her new combo of medications, and no change. She refuses to eat anything, and is getting very difficult to force feed. An episode at 2am made me take her to a local veterinarian in the area earlier today - my regular veterinarian isn't in on Mondays.

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Monday, November 29, 2010
Inflammatory Bowel Disease in Older Dogs

Our fragile Jordan has been through some rough stuff. Last Monday she had an ultrasound done, and she was such a trooper about it. Today she had to go see an entirely different Veterinarian - my regular veterinarian doesn't work Mondays.

Early this morning Jordan threw up, and it had little blood clots. It wasn't a lot, but it was enough for me to make an appointment with a local clinic that I had heard some good things about. I took all her medications in with me, all her records that I could gather up from home, so that the doctor dealing with her can see what she is taking, and what her deal is.

We talked about her current medication, and some other medications that he has had success with, and also some of the most commonly used drugs. He was also quite worried about how anorexic she is.

We came to a decision to have another scope done - this time down her esophagus to her stomach. They will take samples (biopsy) from the site for interpretation. From what I understand, it will confirm or dismiss stomach ulcers and also any cancer that may be in the esophageal area all the way down to her stomach. I am really worried about her going through this procedure, but it does give me some relief that the same Doctor who performed her endoscopy/colonoscopy will be doing this procedure for her tomorrow at noon.

Unfortunately I can't watch this procedure with her. I have always been the one to restrain her and be with her through any of her procedures - one of the perks to working in a veterinarian office - but now I have to leave her there and wait for a phone call. It is driving me nuts!!

She is not supposed to take any medications today or tomorrow morning - and I have to have her in by 8am. Good thing the clinic is 10 minutes away. This is so frustrating and extremely heartbreaking. The good part is that if it is an ulcer, it can be treated! Hope for the best.

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