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I was worried about leaving Jordan for a few days while I went on a quick trip to Las Vegas with some friends. A few days before I was scheduled to leave she started losing her appetite again. We restarted her appetite stimulant immediately. I didn't want to start her on her new food until I was back from Vegas, but I had to. So far it seems like it's working for her!

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Friday, October 29, 2010
Inflammatory Bowel Disease in Dogs

The new food by Medi-Cal/Royal Canin is working wonders on Jordan thus far! Her stools have become normal, she is liking the kibble (as long as she still gets fresh broth and meat). This food is chicken based, and as you recall we were feeding her chicken and turkey, so I alternate between fresh turkey meat and chicken breasts to supplement her kibble. So far so good.

She still looks skinny, but she is eating more than the recommended amount, and we feed her whenever she appears to be hungry. I am hoping the weight will come back on soon, winter is coming!!

As a result of her eating better, she is getting out more too! I don't run her a lot, but we do go for walks. Her new favorite spot is the SilverDale WetLands. We usually walk around three (3) times, and she is happy.

As for her medications, I have taken her off the appetite stimulant again, and she is still on her full dose of her steroid. Our veterinarian doesn't want to mess around with her dose just yet, she wants to keep her on a little longer to be sure her gut is actually better. I am trying to find the website where this food is listed - can't find it yet. I'll post the link when it's available.

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