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Weather is getting colder.. it is going to get harder holding a camera with mittens! Still without rain, which is great, but it sure is chilly in the mornings. Rain, shine, snow or sleet these puppies need their daily walks.

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010
How Much Exercise Does your Puppy Need?

There have been mornings that I just don't want to get up. Never mind getting out of bed so much, I don't want to go out in the cold!! I tried to skip our morning walk - what a mistake that was!

It didn't take me long to realize that these puppies need their walks! Our backyard is big enough for them to run and play, but it is not enough. I tried to skip our morning walk and it was HAVOC. Our litter mates were insane.. they were so wound up that when I decided I had to take them for a walk it wasn't our usual casual stroll around the neighbourhood - it was like teaching them to walk on leash all over again. They were over it about a block later, but it was definitely the last time I skip a morning walk.

Puppies need to be exercised just like an adult dog would need to be. The biggest difference with puppies and dogs is the amount of exercise needed. As puppies it is better to walk them at least twice - three times if possible - for shorter periods of time. For example, 15-20 minute walks up to three times a day, as opposed to an adult dog that can go out for about 1-2 hours once or twice a day.

I was constantly worried about over exerting the puppies when they were younger. I mean how much exercise do these labrador puppies need? Is there a clear answer? Nope.

I used to take our labrador litter mates out three (3) times a day - roughly 15 minutes each outing, until they were about sixteen (16) weeks old. Remember they also played in the back yard with me and each other and they also had training sessions throughout the day. After sixteen (16) weeks, and their vaccines up to date, we started increasing their outdoor exercise to about 30-45 minutes twice a day, until about six (6) months of age.

Currently we go out twice a day. On a beautiful sunny day sometimes we'll go out three times. Our walks are at least an hour - two hours in the mornings, and another hour in the afternoon. Some mornings they are off leash at the dog park socializing, but they still stay out for at least an hour - anything less and they are still full of energy. This schedule works great!

Remember that a tired dog is a happy and less destructive dog. As a dog owner don't forget that your canine companion needs to get out - the backyard isn't enough!!

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