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WOW! Been over a month - time is flying! Been up to a few new things, Taro and Kratos are doing well. We have visited a couple of new off leash parks where they have met many new friends and continue to play well with other dogs big and small. Let's get caught up!

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Monday, April 11, 2011
Healthy, Spoiled Labrador Litter Mates

I'm not sure how or where to start, so I'm just going to keep writing.

Since the passing of Jordan, not only have I expressed great interest in healthy foods for our dogs, but also a change in lifestyle and eating habits for Stephen and I.

Recently I have been experimenting with home-made treats for our black labrador litter mates. It all started on their birthday - I wanted them to have something special. Instead of going to the nearest pet store and getting them a big bone like chew or some crazy toy they would destroy in a matter of minutes, I decided that I would do the one thing that I wish I could have tried with Jordan - home-made treats and food. When I say "home-made" I mean top quality ingredients, wholesome, nutritious, human grade treats.

I have been so engulfed in research, healthy shopping and the mixing of ingredients lately that I have been too busy to do anything else. The best part is that I am having tonnes of fun with it! Our fabulous dog friends at Heritage Park have helped with the taste testing - the treats were smelling so good that we ( the humans) eat them as well! Taro and Kratos don't seem to mind too much - we taught them how to share early :p

We are making some major changes to the website, making it much more user friendly. Soon you will be able to order some treats online! I'll keep you updated on the website launch!

Now for the most important topic - Taro and Kratos!

They are over a year now - crazy I know - and they continue to develop into well balanced adult dogs. They are such a delight to have around, they are great with other dogs, they are fabulous with people, they LOVE kids to the point they want to knock them over and lick their faces ( we are working hard to get that under control).

We have visited a few new dog parks - the one in Langley is massive. They have met and played with many new friends - big and small. The weather has been a little hit and miss lately..but we try to get out as much as we can, even if that means major clean-up after. Small price to pay when you finish watching your dogs interact with other dogs and new people and continually reminded of the integrity and depth of the canine-human bond. I can honestly say that some days the amount of love and loyalty they express brings tears to my eyes. This is another reason why I want to give them the best life I can - including what they consume.

I have loads of pictures that I need to go through - and I will I promise! But for now I'll leave you with this. Kratos and Taro's Facebook page often will have pictures that the blog doesn't.. usually ones I snap from my phone. Check that out too!

Until tomorrow!

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