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We had a crazy snowfall a few days ago but has since melted. The puppies are loving the snow, Kratos loves chasing snowballs, Taro not so much. I didn't get a chance to take them to Heritage Park since Stephen took my vehicle to work due to the road conditions.

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Friday, January 14, 2011
Hayward Reservoir Trail, Mission, BC.

Even though the puppies didn't get to go to Heritage Park while we had tonnes of snow on the ground, they still had a great time playing in it, and so did I! I could have walked there I guess, but it's a steep hill, and I didn't want to slip with both the puppies on a main road.

I absolutely LOVE the snow, and all our previous dogs LOVED it as well. They loved chasing snowballs and walking through it and I can only hope that these two puppies will love it just as much, maybe more.

I have having an "off" day, so Stephen took the puppies out to the Hayward Resevoir Trail in Mission, BC. He was able to get some pictures of them running through the trail.. I think we'll both take them this weekend. Enjoy!

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