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We had another beautiful weekend. Temperatures were high, no place better than Hayward Lake with the puppies to cool off.

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010
Hayward Lake Dog Park, Mission BC

After the Abbotsford International Airshow, we decided to take the puppies to Hayward Lake Dog Park to play with their friend Marlon. The puppies were pretty hot, we were out with them for a few hours already and they love a good swim in the hot weather, especially Kratos. The puppies had been going to Ruskin Picnic Area for swimming lately, so this was a nice change.

We got to the park about 4:00pm, and the doggy park was packed! Taro and Kratos found themselves among many other dogs, and a few other puppies. They were in puppy heaven!

We finally found Marlon, he was off on the other side of the park, where the water was slightly warmer. I am not sure if the puppies and Marlon remembered each other from White Rock Beach, but they played and swam well together. It was nice to see all the other dogs and their owners, and the amount of playing taking place all over the beach and in the water was incredible!!

Kratos spent most of his time in the water. He was playing with a dog named "Brutus", that turned out to belong to a friend of mines, friends brother's dog! Taro, on the other hand, spent most of his time socializing and exploring the other areas of the beach. Stephen and I kept a close eye on him in case he wandered off - although his recall is pretty good, we still can't trust him to not get distracted and wander off.

Taro harassed Marlon, Marlon started barking, Taro didn't stop.. this is routine behaviour for Taro. He did the same thing when we were at White Rock Beach a few weeks back, do you think he could have remembered him?

After an hour or so Taro, Kratos and Marlon were all slowing down. Marlon was already there an hour longer than us, so he was pretty tired. We called it a day and walked back to the car. Once we got them home and cleaned up, they passed out and slept like babies. Another great day with two fabulous black labrador litter mates!!

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