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On February 15, 2010 we lost our beloved Labx "Blue"(aka "Blue Dawg") suddenly to an aggressive cancer. This left our precious Jordan lost and depressed ( Read Jordan's Story on our blog as well ). I set out to find a local breeder of Labrador Retreivers - the rest is history!
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Tuesday, February 21, 2012
Happy 2nd Birthday "Kratos and Taro"

I emailed the breeder at Makaila Kennels ( Mission BC ) to inquire about puppies. I knew I wasn't ready for a puppy right away, but wanted to see the size and nature of current litters, as well as the environment and household they were raised in. I had set up a scheduled visit for February 21, 2010 for 4:00pm - Cheryl had mentioned that she did have a very pregnant momma dog named Maya who would give birth soon and her puppies would be ready for mid-April. Both Stephen and I were going to visit Makaila Kennels :)

We got there and there were cute as ever puppies hopping about! They looked well fed and healthy, they were active and playful - they were adorable. Black, chocolate and yellow Labrador puppies in large play areas, fully fenced yard with separated kennel spaces, this was paradise! After playing with the pups we went inside to sit and chat with Cheryl and get more information on her dogs and her business - we couldn't do this outside - way too many distractions!

Upon entering the house we see a yellow lab ( Maya ) - she is in a comfy, cozy whelping box chilling out being loved up by who we found out to be Cheryls daughter. Maya was very content and very friendly. After finding out details and particulars on the dogs and discussing contracts and the like we head over to pet Maya ( with permission, of course ). Great dog, wasn't aggressive or territorial over her box.. she was VERY pregnant indeed. As we are petting her and still chatting it up with Cheryl and her daughters Maya began to get quite restless and started "pacing" in her box. We were informed that this was Maya's first litter - so this was all very new to her. A few minutes passed and we were still petting her and she decided she was going to deliver her first puppy - right in front of our eyes! It was a male black Labrador puppy!!

Having worked in a Veterinary clinic for many years I had seen C-sections performed, seen newborn puppies, a few day old puppies but NEVER a real live birth in front of my eyes - neither had Stephen. This was all so exciting and we weren't sure if Maya would become angry if we were too close. She was great! She didn't mind we were sitting next to her, Cheryl's daughter was petting her and so were we- it was an amazing experience. Maya let us pet the newborn puppy after she did her thing with him. We left shortly after to Cheryl space to monitor Maya through her delivery.

I knew I had to have that puppy - Stephen agreed. We also discussed the idea of Littermates - raising littermates - we decided we wanted 2 puppies. We spoke to Cheryl the next day and expressed how much we wanted that puppy we saw Maya give birth too, as well as another. We set some time the next day to go visit again and decided for sure. Eight (8) healthy puppies were born on February 21st - 4 black males, 1 yellow male and 3 black females. Had we waited another 45 minutes we would have seen the second black male puppy being born.

We put a deposit down the next day for 2 puppies- we were going to be able to visit them during the 7-8 weeks before we take them home - exactly what I wanted.

We brought home that puppy we saw Maya give birth too - named him TARO - Japanese for first born, eldest son. We also brought home the second puppy that Maya delivered - named him Kratos - from the video game God of War. February 21, 2010 was such an amazing day - a day I will never forget.

A very Happy 2nd Birthday to my handsome black Labrador litter-mates we love your furry faces oh so much!!

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