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We decided to go for a drive to Golden Ears Park with Taro and Kratos. The weather wasn't perfect, but we took a chance and thank goodness we did! We had a great time. This is their first visit - and they did great!

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Saturday, April 30, 2011
Golden Ears Park, Maple Ridge BC

We weren't fully prepared for our trip to Golden Ears Park, but the dogs had snacks and leashes and those were the two most important things.

I hadn't been to Golden Ears Park for many years - all I remember about it was the size. It is huge! Lots of horse trails and cool little hikes, the only downfall is the dogs must be on leash. There is a dog off-leash area, but we weren't sure exactly where that area was. This isn't a big deal for Kratos and Taro, they half understand that they can't be free all the time. If anything, at least it serves as practice for on leash trail walking!

The weather wasn't beautiful, it was quite chilly actually, but the longer we walked the warmer we got. It was barely an issue after awhile.

We parked in a few different areas, took a few short trails - the park was so quiet, we didn't see any other cars around. We basically had the areas we went to all to ourselves for some exploration.

We will be visiting this park again soon - next time much more prepared for some longer trail walks and warmer brighter weather! There were quite a few places we'll re-visit to take more pictures - some would have been beautiful if the lighting was right!

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