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If it were up to me I wouldn't be sitting here writing this, I would be at the breeder's bonding with our puppies!! I am so excited to get the two of them on Saturday, I can barely contain myself. My books came in the mail today too.

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Tuesday, April 6, 2010
four more days

Our backyard needs a little work before getting the puppies on Saturday. Having my dad around here is pretty cool, he’s pretty handy. We want the puppies to have a designated “bathroom area” out back, so my dad built a box for us. We filled it up with small landscaping pebbles ( so its smooth for their feet) in hopes that they don’t use the grass. We got the idea from our breeder when we had asked her how we could try to teach them to eliminate in one spot. The area in which the puppies eliminate is gravel, that is what the breeder has, so she had suggested that since they would be used to going on the pavement/rocks already, we could just build a box and throw some rocks in it and use it as an outdoor litter box for the boys. So that’s what we did. This was completed a few days ago.

Today, my dad was building a box around our Frost Peach tree out back, and I was cleaning the deck and dogloos’s this afternoon. The weather sucked , but it has to be done. Our backyard is on an incline, and I planted the tree too high up that without some sort of enclosure all the dirt will run down the hill. We have some of Ice-Man’s ashes under this tree, and Blue’s will join him as well, I’m just waiting for his custom-made urn to get here.

Between hail storms and quick heavy rain storms, my dad managed to get most of the tree enclosure done, and I got most of my clean-up done. Jordan was outside with us the whole time. The picture above is her keeping us company in the backyard.

Tomorrow we’ll continue working in the backyard, and hopefully the weather gets better.

Oh, almost forgot to mention my books that came today. I had emailed a reputable breeder ( he worked with Jordan) and he had suggested a few books to read before bringing the puppies home. They arrived today, and I am finished one already. I wasn’t actually expecting them to come so quickly, because I ordered them too late. The one I finished today is called “ How to Housebreak your Dog in 7 Days”. Lots of useful information, and a wonderful housebreaking schedule that a puppy owner can follow.
I am definitely going to follow these steps and suggestions and we’ll see how quickly I can housebreak Taro and Kratos.

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