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The next few weeks we are going to be spending time preparing for the puppies. From getting kennels to making a frame for a bathroom area outside, and also puppy proofing the house. For the first month or two they will be confined to a certain area in the house. This calls for a baby-gate!

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Saturday, March 27, 2010
five week old puppies

We were so excited to have been able to see our puppies this afternoon. They are much more active now. When we walked in, they were trying to bark at us, it was so cute. As we got closer, they started running up to the side of the enclosure, trampling all over each other. Once we were in there, they settled down quickly, and went to sleep! We were expecting them to be much more active than that. Having said that though, there is one female puppy that is totally feisty. She was chewing on the yellow puppy’s ear, and she was also tugging on something that she really shouldn’t have been. Taro went and fell asleep in a corner by himself, but I figured if he wanted to sleep, he should be sleeping on me. I climbed in to get him, and I held him for at least 10 - 15 minutes. I had read that their sense of smell is active from three weeks of age and I wanted to rub my stink all over him. While standing in their pen, they immediately surrounded my legs and started tugging at my laces, pants and even biting my ankles a bit. I felt a few teeth, nothing painful though. We had intentions of staying much longer, but because they all huddled up and went to sleep, we figured we should leave. We are going back on Monday to see them, hopefully they will be more active. I’ll make sure i take some more pictures. Enjoy these ones. See you Monday.

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